I’ve started a little pet project of making hammocks from the brightly colored kitenge wax-prints that are ubiquitous to this region.  And by making I really mean I go to the market downtown, buy 60 yards of cloth and twenty sisal ropes at a time, take it all to the seamstress out in front of my apartment and ask her to stitch them up.  The costs break down to about $10 for materials, $3 for the seamstress, and a few hours of my time (worth an unknown amount at this point).  I’ve been selling them to expat friends for about $20.  They are not exactly flying off the shelf but I’ve sold 8 so far and I suspect sales will grow.  I’ve quickly learned that offering free installation helps – I guess some people need a little help with their lazy habits.

We’ve stress tested them to 400lbs. plus and they seem pretty stable – that said, it occurred to me that there’s very little upside of putting a label on an item that may one day drop someone on their backside.  With that strong endorsement, I will be taking orders for holiday shopping if anyone is interested.  And this is certainly not the last post that will be written from this hammock on the balcony.   (photos coming soon – as in, some other time when I bother to get out of the hammock)

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  1. Mommy

    Nice to see the blog back! Glad to hear you are relaxing & enjoying your hammock!

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